The Natural Beauty Lab


Let’s give a shout out to Mother Nature. Round of applause! When it comes to knowing what’s good for us, she does it better than we do.

Think of Goodness as your Natural Beauty Lab. We’re a bunch of peeps turning the cool stuff from Mother Nature into skincare that’s damn fine for your skin, while keeping it affordable for you. If it’s all-goodness we’ll use it. If it’s not, you might find it in that other product. Over that way. On that other website.

The goodness of plants. Turned into Goodness skincare. Leaving nothing but: blissful bunnies (animal testing? no way!) clean waterways (biodegradable product) emptier landfills (recyclable packaging) happy humans (with damn fine looking skin). (PS - parabens, petrochemicals, PEGs, sulfates, silicons, harsh surfactants and other nonsense are left at the door).

Avocado, coconut and chia oils are our stars. They make skin nourished, hydrated and plumped, leaving you with a wee glow of healthiness, everyday.

Mixed with our plant oil ménage à trois is more goodness:

  • Honeysuckle extract 
  • Bilberry extract 
  • Apple extract 
  • Shea butter 
  • Cocoa butter 
  • Hibiscus extract 
  • Aloe vera extract 
  • Blackberry extract 
  • Powdered volcanic pumice (from NZ)

And to keep all the creams safe there’s a preservative system. It's one of the best and there’s just the right amount to keep ‘em safe, without bothering you at all. If we didn’t use it, you might end up with mould growing in your night cream pot. We don’t want that. You don’t want that.

Oh, who makes Goodness? Why the clever folks from Trilogy International Limited (of Trilogy Natural Products and Ecoya Home Fragrance fame). And where's it made? Proudly made in New Zealand using all these lush ingredients from around the world.