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Why use plant oils on your skin?

Why use plant oils on your skin?

Plant oils for skincare are ah-mazing. But what’s the deal? Why’d you wanna put them straight onto your face? Surely it’d go all oily and weird? Make-up would slide off?

Here’s the oh-so-simple low-down on why it’s worth giving it a shot:

  • Our skin makes it’s own oil (called sebum).
  • Our skin regulates its sebum production (as well as water levels).

Sometimes sebum production is bang-on the money; sometimes it goes a little whack. Example:  

  • Combination skin
  • Normal skin
  • Dry skin 

Whatever levels of oil and water your skin is pumping out, pure plant oils are for you. Why?

Plant oils are super-similar in structure to sebum, a great example is chia seed oil.

By adding a couple of drops straight onto your skin, something magical happens:
Combination skin thinks it’s producing more oil than it needs and IT STOPS MAKING SO MUCH SEBUM!

Normal skin is like, this is awesome, I’m just gonna chill and have a pina colada (in a pineapple, with an umbrella)

Dry skin is like the first person in line when Apple releases a new product: GIVE IT TO ME RIGHT NOW!

So if you’re not using plant oils on your skin, you might wanna check them out. They're essential really, just like brushing your teeth. Goodness Certified Organic Chia Seed Oil is ideal as it’s super lightweight and skin literally gobbles it up. In only a few drops you’ll notice a difference.

Oh and PS: make-up won't slide off :-)

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