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The secret to sexy skin

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Scrub... but not too much
Although scourers might do wonders for dirty frypans, your skin doesn't need the same tough. Avoid hardcore solutions and go au naturel with the Every Week Face Scrub – who else can say their scrub uses natural volcanic ingredients like powdered pumice to gently exfoliate their skin?

Water, duh
Although it's obvious, water is a huge help when it comes to hydrating your skin. If you’re anything like us, the AM caffeine kick is non-negotiable. What you probably don’t know is this energy kick is a key contributor to dehydrated skin. I know right! Try a caffeine cleanse once in awhile (DW it makes us cringe too) and add a drop of moisture to your face with the Every Morning Moisturiser to boost hydration.

Let me upgrade you
If you're still using bar soap - it's time to upgrade! Especially if you’re still using this stuff on your face (heaven forbid!). Bar soaps can be really drying and their pH levels sometimes quite acidic. Try swapping the old fashioned stuff out for a moisturising body wash and natural facial cleanser like the Every Day Cream Cleanser.

Cheer for Chia
Our Certified Organic Chia Seed Oil has a 3:1 ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 essential fatty acids and this is definitely something to cheer about #Holla! The light-weight and super-slick oil helps hydrate and strengthen your skin, keeping you feeling fresh, fly and sexy as hell.

Don't forget your legs!
They may have spent winter hiding under a pair of jeans, but summer is just around the corner gal-friend, it's time to tame those hairy beasts with a good shave and a touch of self-tan. Get those sexy pins out on show!

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