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There's so much damn goodness in the fresh food we eat, so we use it in our skincare! Apple, avocado, chia seed, bilberry, celery (just to name a few). It's all yumminess.

Get your DIY on and try these out:

Green Apple
Got a big event coming up? Try treating your face to some fresh apple extract. With vitamins A, B and C, it will revitalise skin and also gently exfoliate. Here’s how to: 

Peel, cut and core your apple
Pop in blender – hit play until smooth
Smoosh onto face.
Leave it for a bit then wash it off.
Traditionally 2 slices of cucumber are used to rest on your eyes as part of a spa treatment, but the vegetable is actually a source of ascorbic acid and caffeic acid. This will help tighten collagen in your skin leaving you with a youthful glow, so try mashing it up and applying it as a paste.

Battling blemishes? Avocado might be the answer to your prayers! The green fruit contains vitamins A, C and E. See steps above for green apple to DIY yo Avo.

Green tea
A wonder at helping puffy eyes, dark circles and tightening, this trick is a double-whammy of green goodness. Make yourself and your flatmate a nice cup of green tea. Drink it. Enjoy it. Keep the tea bags and when cold, pop ‘em on your eyes, voilà!

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