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Microbeads are balls.

Microbeads are balls.

Microbeads are balls. Tiny balls of plastic suckiness. They’re used in products such as exfoliants to give the product a scrub, lightly scratchy effect. 

These balls of plastic may go down the drain all right, but they roll into our waterways. Our wastewater systems aren’t savvy enough to pick them out and filter them away. So they make it to the oceans. Next, they sit there. Nope, they don’t biodegrade. Fish eat ‘em (they look like food!) and we eat the fish. Now that’s just plain nasty! 

There’s a whole bunch of stuff going on to ban microbeads - thank freakin’ goodness. The US for one has banned them now - Woo Hoo - but still not banned in Australia and New Zealand - tut tut. No one wants this sh!t in our waterways right. And there’s a little something you can do to help. 

Go natural baby. 

Any reputable brand should have a full and complete ingredients list available on the outter packaging of the product (if they don’t, you might want to ask why … just sayin’). Anyways:

Check ingredients list and look for these words – these are the RED FLAG, plastic microbead-alert ingredients to stay away from:  
  • Polyethylene 
  • Polypropylene
And now for some shameless self promotion… 

Every Week Face Scrub gets its scrubbiness from volcanic pumice (yep, you’re rubbing rock onto your face). The pumice has been ground to a super-fine powder that’s super-gentle yet super-effective. And it DOESN’T KILL FISH (shouty capitals even). 

Happiness xox

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