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Human testing only

Human testing only

Ah humans. We’re a clever bunch. But, yep we’re human. We can get it wrong and go a little astray. But we can also get it and make it oh so right.

This year animal testing on cosmetic products in New Zealand was banned. Whoop whoop! To be fair, it seems the practise hasn’t actually been practised for nigh on a half a century, but jeez it’s good to get it in writing!

In Aussie it’s much the same. Cosmetic testing on animals doesn’t seem to be practised, but the law hasn’t caught-up just yet. The End Cruel Cosmetics Bill was introduced in 2014. This bill covers local testing as well as the ban on importing cosmetics tested on animals.
Relax, No Animal Testing for Goodness
While NZ might need to take a look at cosmetic imports, things are definitely moving in the right direction.

Goodness Natural Beauty Lab is so not interested in animal testing. It’s not for us and we reckon you guys aren’t into it either.

With all the gorgeous natural ingredients at our fingertips, plus a crew of natural skincare enthusiasts (meet them here) there’s simply no need for such shenanigans. We make sure every ingredient that makes Goodness is just that, goodness, with no bunny or guinea pig in sight.

So how do we make sure Goodness is safe for you?
Each ingredient has safety info which we follow to the letter
We’ve a crazy scientist or three who are completely in the chemistry know
Each batch of each product goes through micro testing – making sure there’s nothing in there that shouldn’t be in there.

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