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How to remove make-up

How to remove make-up

Parting ways with your foundation at the end of each day doesn’t have to be an annoying affair. You might be a heavy-duty foundation gal who applies layer upon layer with a specialist brush. Or the kinda gal who roughly smears a light layer of BB cream on while brushing your teeth 5 minutes after waking up and 10 mins behind schedule.

But at the end of each day there’s one thing all of us really really have to do. And that’s remove every stitch of make-up. Why? Why wouldn’t you! If anything, who actually likes waking up with panda eyes and cracked, day-old make-up on their face. Plus, think of your skin! Think of your pillow!

So here’s some happiness in a balm that makes the process a hell of a lot more fun, and a hell of a lot more luscious. Totally vegan friendly (there’s no beeswax in this bad boy), Break-up Make-up Balm is pretty special.

Scoop out a bit of balm. Maybe half a teaspoon size. Packed with soft and lush chia, coconut and avocado oils, this emollient balm melts with the heat from your hand. Here’s how to use it:

  • Smoosh around in your hands and watch it melt to an oil. 
  • Smear this melted goodness all over your make-up. Yep dry skin, no water at this stage. 
  • Massage around for a while, taking extra special care around your eyes of course. 
  • Warning: you’ll look like cray-cray, but it’s all goodness. Take a warm, damp cloth and wipe it all over your face. Rinse and repeat as needed. 
  • Warning: every stitch of make-up will be gone and your skin will feel super smooth and hydrated.


Oh, and here’s a fun tip. Recycle by upcycle baby. An empty Break-up Make-up Balm tin makes for an excellent travel case for jewellery.

And of course, like all our Goodness, Break-up Make-up Balm is:

  • Vegan-friendly 
  • Not tested on animals 
  • Is in recyclable packaging And has a biodegradable and grey-water safe formulation 
  • With no-nonsense ingredients

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