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How to Make Busy Look Good

How to Make Busy Look Good

Maintaining luscious dewy skin on top of a busy schedule can be tough (gals we get you). At Goodness we’re all about celebrating working babes everywhere – embracing messy bun choices, defying concealers, enhancing your features, and all without resorting to a distracting bold, red lippy. With less time forcing the average working girl to ditch the make-up and flaunt a more natural look, we’re revealing our top skincare secrets to feeling confident in your ‘everyday’ skin:

1. Restore the glow mantra

For the first time in a while, ‘busy’ never looked so good. Reclaim your days doing what you love, rather than slaving away on the daily grind. Happy, healthy skin starts with a happy, healthy mind and ends with less stress and ageing. 

2. Get back to basics

We mean business when it comes to applying our Every Morning Moisturiser – now you can too. Our staple natural products are available in pocket and clutch friendly sizes, meaning there’s no excuse not to top up on chia goodness during a bathroom break!   

3. Break up your schedule

To avoid breaking out or breaking down, stay healthy, stay organised and enjoy a break! No – lunch at your desk does not count... get up and stretch every 30 mins. Give someone a compliment. Go for a walk – just please, please don’t burn out. 

4. Learn how to say no

And we don’t just mean saying no to the office chocolate stash. Any work that amounts to any sort of stress can have a lasting effect on the ageing of skin. For youthful skin that keeps on repairing, get excited about doing work that only you’re comfortable with.

5. Stay positive

You my gal pal are quite the busy one! It’s only natural to feel overwhelmed and want to rock back and forth in the foetal position every now and again (once again gals we get you). If we can give you any words to live by it’d be to work hard, but moisturise harder. 

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