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Do I need a toner?

Do I need a toner?

Traditionally, toners are like a second stage of cleansing. They wipe away any remaining dirt or residual cleanser from the skin so it’s ready for moisturising. This means old school toners can be pretty astringent, leaving a I’ve-just-wiped-my-face-with-80-proof-alcoholic tight feeling.  

Thankfully our cleansers are top shelf, doing a super job of cleaning your skin. Plus, there’s nothing nasty in them that needs wiping away. So our Be Cool Mist Toner is a li’l bit more fun, a li’l bit more versatile and way more multi-tasking. 

Sure you can spritz your face after a good cleanse and scrub sesh. Of course! Get into it. But you can also spritz Be Cool Mist Toner right on your face anytime during an overly-hot, sunny day. Or post one of those hard-out spin classes to help cool-off. Or when you’re stuck in office air conditioning for eight hours. Basically you’ll never look or feel stale again.

Alcohol-free (of course!), it has all the goodness of calming and cooling aloe vera juice and hot hot hot superfood superstar coconut water. Plus, it has extracts from chia seed, cucumber and celery. Sounds like a superfood spritz of goodness! 

Here’s what else you can use it for: 
▪ All-over body spray post those too-hot-showers we’re all guilty of 
▪ Hair spritz for that just-come-from-the-beach look (spritz and scrunch) 
▪ Spritzing make-up setter 
▪ Refresh your pillow before bed with a light spray (max-lux!)
If you find any other useful uses, feel free to let us know

Oh, and of course, like all our good Goodness, Be Cool Mist Toner is: 
▪ Vegan-friendly 
▪ With no animal testing 
▪ In recyclable packaging 
▪ Is biodegradable and grey-water safe   
▪ And has no-nonsense ingredients

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