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Allergies, diets & beliefs.

Allergies, diets & beliefs.

Here's all the info on Goodness for various allergies, dietary requirements and beliefs... 

Goodness Allergies Table

And here's the key with more in depth & useful info:


Yes             No worries here

No              While all the products contain Certified Organic Chia Seed Oil as an ingredient, only the product itself holds organic certification. 

No*             Contains an ingredient called: wheat straw glycosides (and) cetearyl alcohol. This is an emulsifying ingredient and while it's processing before being added to our product should remove the gluten, we can't guarantee it. 

No**            Contains sweet almond oil which may or may not be an issue for some. 

* Alcohol Free - This means no irritating alcohol. We do use an ingredient called cetearyl alcohol as an emulsifier but it's a non-irritating waxy alcohol. 

Make sense? Any questions, any time - just give us holler! 

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