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10 Lazy Gal Beauty Hacks

10 Lazy Gal Beauty Hacks

1. Wear your hair up when you sleep
Prevent unnecessary pimples by keeping your hair off your face at night 😴. To avoid any lingering product, natural oils or bacteria from jumping ship to your skin, pin it back, or wear it in a braid.

2. Clean your accessories
Your smartphone is germier than a toilet seat, just think about that next time it’s glued to your beautiful skin. Also take a second to think about the other things that touch your face on the regs. Whether it’s your mobile or sunglasses, give your skin a fighting chance by wiping them down before using them. 📱😎

3. Style your hair before you put your make-up on
The heat from a blow dryer can melt your make-up, which could lead to breakouts. Style your hair before you put on your make-up to avoid annoying pimples.

4. Turn down the heat in your shower
We’re all about keeping things in the boudoir hot and steamy, but you might want to turn down the heat in the shower. Hot showers can cause skin to dehydrated which could leads to the over-production of oils and potentially acne. 😱

5. Fight wrinkles while you sleep
If you’re known to fly-out the door in the morning half dressed shoving a slice of toast in your mouth, you’re probably not one for morning moisturising. Why waste precious morning minutes, when you can fight wrinkles and dry skin while sleeping? Invest in a good evening cream and rest easy. 💤

6. Wash your fringe
If you want to skip shampooing but don't want to leave the house with greasy roots, just wash your fringe. Pull the rest of your hair into a ponytail, wet your hands with a small dollop of conditioner, run it through your fringe, and rinse – simple! If you don’t have a fringe dry shampoo or a scarf will do the trick.

7. Multi-task
Brush your teeth while you’re waiting for your conditioner to sink in. Put your make-up on while you wait for breakfast to cook. 🍞 ☕️

8. Red lipstick💄
If you don’t have time for anything else, whether you’re flying from the office to an event or rolling straight out of bed and into the office, all you need is red lipstick. Just pout and bear it because a bright lip is a lazy gals best friend – it’s the epitome of minimum effort for maximum impact.

9. Stay cool
If you’re prone to summer break outs, don’t sweat it! Just grab yourself a mist toner. A sweet spritz goes a long way in keeping your skin hydrated and fresh.

10. Oil Up 🌿
Keep a bottle of chia seed oil in your cupboard. It’s an instant moisturiser, spot make-up remover, hair de-frizzer, cuticle lover ... All in one cute bottle. And in only a couple of drops. 😘

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